Why Chaotic

Because we like chaos, we never liked to fit into patterns, standards, rules. We like to explore things, look at them differently and search meaning in chaos. We started with a desire to bring an extravagant, contemporary approach to the Romanian fashion market. We like to say that we sell different moods to our clients, not average clothing pieces.
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The brand was created in 2017 by Mirela, a mature fashionista, who realised it is never too late to follow your passion. „Life is too short, buy the dress”... or create it if that is what you dream of. With this in mind, after working in other creative fields such as television, Mirela gave life to her ideas, establishing her universe under the name of „Chaotic”. But the unicity of the brand was born later on, after deciding to include her daughter, Catinca, who is currently studying Fashion Marketing and Communication in the city of Barcelona. Following the union, „Chaotic” turned into something more than an exclusive womenswear brand. The mother-daughter bond and the diverse and sometimes contradictory ideas coming from two different generations gave meaning to every piece, creating the one-of-a-kind „chaos” Mirela was looking for since she started. Besides the cuts and details, which are capturing the eye, the story of the brand captures the heart of every nostalgic fashionista out there, who inherited the love for beauty and style by observing her mother as a young girl.


The chaotic woman is committed, lustful, strong, wearing her personality with confidence pride, inspiring our brand’s motto:

Wear your chaos with courage and pride!

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